Save water for future  generations

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What We offer

Wtsuite AI meter helps residential and commercial building owners to integrate smart water management by using smart water meter and a network of water flow sensors to monitor, analyze, and control & manage every water usage and wastage.


Commit to making evidence-based decisions about water, and cooperate to strengthen water data.
We both do water data management and monitoring.


Valuing water to sustainably, efficiently, and inclusively allocate and manage water resources, deliver and price water services accordingly.


Implement integrated approaches to water management at a consumer level by giving a better user experience to strengthen water usage, and ensure gender equality and social inclusion.


In 2015, the World Economic Forum declares water crisis as a top risk in the world and By 2050 water demand will exceed over 40% water supply.

WT Meter Features

> Connect an IOT enabled flow meter to the water pipes.

> View the water usage data over cloud, consumed through a mobile app.

> Develop intelligent abnormally detection tool to automate actions based on that.

> Automatically shut off the flow when the user does not respond to alert.

> Learn patterns using machine learning and predictive analytics.

> Regularly capture the flow rate and transmit relevant information to analytics engine.

> Control water flow meter from the cloud web and mobile operation.

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